We use government recommended methods to process our products to serve our customers. We serve Fresh Fruits, Packed Fruits, Canned Products, Frozen Products and Pulp & Pure.

Welcome to Greenrise

The company is brainchild of experts having vast experience in the field of agro products, post horticulture management, food processing and business management. The company provides world-class products in the field of agro products, fresh fruits & vegetables and processed food by adopting national & international best practices, standards and solutions.

We start with the finest available products, qualifying our stringent quality control norms. The products are kept in chilled and hygienic environment and are processed with state or art cutting, washing and drying technology. Our products are packed in special crates, bags and trays to allow produce to breathe and maintain the maximum freshness.

Our management and the system takes good care of food safety through the analysis and control of chemical, biological and physical risks or hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.