We use government recommended methods to process our products to serve our customers. We serve Fresh Fruits, Packed Fruits, Canned Products, Frozen Products and Pulp & Pure.

Quality in Greenrise

Greenrise shall always be committed to produce high quality, safe, hygienic and complying to food safety standards’ products.

Greenrise management is committed towards food safety and quality and has therefore defined and documented polices, processes & procedures based on food industry standards and good manufacturing practices.

Our management also ensures that these are adequately met by the work force.

We expect our employees and vendors to comply with:-

  1. Organizational processes and polices.
  2. Safety regulations and standards.
  3. Specification and standards asked by the customers.

Quality Policy

  • To produce cost effective, safe and hygienic products.
  • To provide training, latest information and awareness to our employees so that they shall produce high quality, safe and hygienic products.